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that registered a blip, were added to the breeds a ected by DM. OFA lists 17 a ected breeds. One particular testing lab says that now there are 192. And each one of those breeds has DM listed and part of the bundle for the “suggested” and “breed speci c” tests.  e CEO and founder of one particular company was seen on a forum, making the very bold statement that “One
in fourteen Boston Terriers
is a ected with Degenerative Myelopathy”, citing the very minimal results from this particular study, and making a very bold claim based on very questionable evidence. If one can determine 1 in 14 Bostons
is a ected based on that single study, one could also say that the breed has 0 carriers.  is
is not how proof is determined in the world of science. I can’t speak for these labs, however 192 breeds testing for DM is a far cry more pro table than just 17. No one is forcing anyone
to test, but I personally feel
it is the responsibility of any organization deemed as “experts” to make statements that are as accurate as possible.
But all testing is good testing, right? Well sure. I could test all of my Bostons for “Collie eye” too, but I personally wouldn’t feel that bragging rights are in
order. It does not hurt to test, however what we are witnessing with the “sky is falling” attitude towards DM in Bostons, is breeders who usually only test for JHC, getting distracted by
a test for an issue that frankly doesn’t appear to exist in the breed, while continuing to neglect the other tests that they desperately need. Much like
a group of people at risk for diabetes who should be getting checked for a very real problem, running out to get their thumbs checked instead. It doesn’t hurt to check their thumbs, but while they’re all feeling good about having healthy thumbs, their focus was distracted from what
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E Boston Terriers |

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