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Submitting an Ad in E Boston Terriers
All our ads are in color & created in a “wide-screen view” equivalent to a 2 page spread. This allows more room for your ad material and you get 2 pages for the price of ONE AD! This includes all Specialty Club Ads as well.
We can design your Ad or you can send us a  nished Ad.
Steps for Ad Submission needing to be Designed
We will design your Ad using the material you submit to us. Design fee is included
in the Price. Additonal Design fees may apply for any Ads needing speci c custom designs and/ or multiple revisions.
Step 1) Email us & tell us what type of ad you want. (Dog ad, litter ad, Club ad, classi ed listing, etc.)
Step 2) Send us all your ad info to include:
-Text copy you want on the ad
-Color photo(s) of your dog scanned at High Resolution (150 dpi or higher) & sent to us electronically. We prefer no more that 2- 4 photos per ad. (Xtra fees apply for more than 4 photos). Scanned photos are accepted by regular mail but must be received before the deadline.
-Information to include for your Dog Ad:
-Registered name -Call name
-Sire & Dam -Breeders -Owners
-Contact info (email/ kennel name /Phone number) -Kennel Logo if you want it included on ad
Step 3) Pay for your ad.
We must receive payment along with your Ad submission and by the deadline.
Club Specialty Ads
What we need if you are placing a Specialty Club Ad:
Club logo, Text copy for the ad & must include Club giving the Specialty & Date of Specialty,
Location of Specialty, Superintendent & closing date, Judges.
Results & any candid photos from the Specialty if you would like a follow up collage/ coverage of your Specialty (additional fees appy ).
Specs for submitting a Finished Ad
Submit  nal ad in PDF format , 300 dpi or greater.
1 page (landscape) spread of 15”W by 9” High
Note that any info in the middle/ seam will be lost in the fold of the Printed verison.
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