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On The Cover
Special Thanks to Rhonda Cassidy for these lovely photos of CJ Your ability to catch your subject at that exact moment... ...where memories are made!
CJ finished his championship at 7 1/2 months of age. Taking a few months off , he came
back out to obtain his Grand championship in 5 shows, going Select at the Dal Club of Greater Detroit Specialty and the following Specialty supported entry.
After taking another 6 months off to mature CJ has debuted with his friend and handler Phil Booth in May 2018 where he as become a multiple group winner and as of 07/18/18 he is ranked as the Number 10 Dal
(All Breed points) winning or placing in the group 24 times
out of 26 shows.
Many thanks to the judges who have given CJ the nod & his handlers, Phil and Amy Booth for their expert care and showing of CJ.
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