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Advertising Made Easy
In E Dalmatians
June Krukenkamp Editor
Advertising should not be a confusing process.
Many people seem to be intimidated
or confused about advertising in an electronic magazine. We want to make advertising easy for you by providing you with some step by step instructructions & offer some helpful tips to make it easy, affordable & fun for you to advertise your dog in E Dalmatians.
We live in an “electronic age”. New technology is growing rapidly and it can be very hard to keep up with all the new concepts, gadgets & modern services that are now common place in our society.
We have changed the way we talk on the phone, listen to music, watch movies on TV & obtain our day to day information (with the ever popular Social media).
Our communication has changed too as we find ourselves emailing, texting, blogging & tweeting to “socially connect” with each other to gather information. The inventions of Cell phones, I pods, Blue Ray devices, computers & more has thrust us into a technology driven world that we are now part of (despite many who are still kicking & screaming in protest)
With all this “modernizing” of how we communicate & entertain ourselves, it is no surprise that the publishing world is changing too.
I came to the realization many years back that Dog Publications should integrate in this “high
tech” world. People should be able to advertise their dogs, breedings, wins in an affordable timely on-line publication.
Many people have websites & various Social Media sites to show off their dogs & photos but viewers have to go to many different sites to view dogs & many just don’t.
E Dalmatians is easily accessible and FREE for all to view.
Our subscriber base has grown rapidly thru our 10 years of Electronic publishing. People are realizing the value of this format to “show off” their dogs and brag on their wins & more.
So? How do you advertise E Dalmatians? It’s easy..
All our ads are in color & created in a “wide-screen view” equiva- lent to a 2 page spread.
This allows more room for your ad material and you get 2 pages for the price of ONE AD!
This includes all Specialty Club Ads as well.
We can design your Ad (for FREE) or you can send us a finished AD.
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