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With 2020 Vision
The New Dalmatian Breeder by Carey L. Moreschini
If ever there was a thought that evoked a sudden urge to roll up
my sleeves, wipe my brow and gulp down a large glass of wine, the idea of “Breeding” Dalmatians certainly did and still does that to me. I must admit however, that despite being
in a critical and ongoing state of nesting and feeling an overwhelming desire to identify, bleach and decorate a special room in my house for the pending blessed event, the idea of breeding Dalmatians seems to make me feel like I have advanced, earned and perhaps, come full circle, amongst a group that I have long admired and respected, that started back when I had both feet in the con rmation ring, but now try to maintain a carefully balanced pose, with one foot in the ring and one foot in the whelping box as one of the New Dalmatian breeders.
Discover- A Vision
With so much to learn and so little time, the new Dalmatian breeder seems to run into the face of challenges with zest and optimism, at the chance of discovering and developing a breeding program putting their own twist around ideas and motivations unique to them but with no less an interest
in doing their share to advance our beloved breed.  ey are not afraid to do what it takes to grow their knowledge, and trust me, they have worked to do their due diligence, rushing to  nd and absorb as much information in as short a period time as possible.  ey search for clarity amid the static coming from the heavy, time-consuming task of learning about dogs that are long gone or no longer on the scene, while also getting a handle on how to read and understand a pedigree (which by the way, is like learning
a new foreign language).  ey’re not afraid to sport the hat of a quasi-Doctor of Medicine as they dive into learning about Health and Anatomy. You will o en  nd them studying roads less traveled as they eagerly put their plans in motion. Not easily discouraged, they’ve prepared themselves to fail their way to success and succeed past failures. New Dalmatian breeders set the bar high and work diligently at discovering and putting into motion their unique and important vision of the future.
Direction, Who’s
Your Momma (I mean Mentor)?
I would venture to guess that all new breeders can appreciate the old saying, “ ere are no problems we cannot solve together and few that we can solve ourselves”, and
it becomes quickly apparent when you brainstorm possible breedings, pedigrees, etc., just how much we value and respect each person that has helped us or o ered us even a morsel of guidance over the years. Without these people, playing such an important role in the life of someone new, there would be no direction.
It’s fun to think about and share
the relationship and the evolution
I have had with my mentor over the years. It started out being a relationship of “Yes’s and Hard No’s and has grown into more of a “Yes’s and “I’ve given you my opinion, now do what you want” kind of relationship.  at “do what you want” phrase, as kept me up on many a nights because I know full well that the real message intended to be heard was, “Take the time to think and re ect on what I have taught you over the years, and don’t make the wrong choice!”
Even with continuous support and help, To this day, “Direction” for
so many breeders looks something like a combination of large and small
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