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swerves to the right and to the le  with the occasional turbulence and a speed bump or two, and thank God, mentors near and far can still be counted on to help strap on our seat belts and  x our eyes forward, before we commit to making those critical decisions that can impact all other breeders.
In case it slipped past you, “Direction” is a term synonymous with “Mentor” and trust me, if
you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and not only identify one, but prepare to become one, since there can never be too many mentors
near and far and from coast to
coast! Make no mistake, mentors are your compass, your true and trusted advisors and will be the most important part of navigating the rough and also, believe it or not, on rare occasion, even the delightfully smooth waters that just come with breeding, and through thick and thin, when you are disgustingly
full of yourself or when you are on your hands and knees at your most broken point, they are there to help dry your tears, explore options and give you direction.
Do!- Expand and Evolve
We are only as strong as our
newest breeder member and with that, expanding, evolving, and conserving our breed comes with the continuous forward motion that in large part, is reliant on every new breeder and their fresh perspectives.
With the true spirit of our Dalmatian breed, with versatility and resiliance with gregarious, prideful, persistent, and sometimes opinionated  are, new breeders prove their commitment to practices and goals like staying committed to advanced Health Testing and DNA Contributions, programs like “Puppy Culture” to “AKC Breeder of Merit” to active roles in our regional clubs and to our National parent club of “DCA”. New Dalmatian breeders
are making generous contributions to improving the outcome of each puppy that they whelp, to impacting and continuously improving the Breed, helping to educate puppy buyers and one another and each
are their own proud force to be reckoned with.
Inviting, Supporting and Celebrating new breeders is really at the core of the Dalmatian’s future.
Taking the time to accept them, continue to support and encourage them, and teach them will pay dividends when they too pay it forward as they, and we, with the same goal in mind, expand, evolve and “Do” all the things necessary to conserve the Dalmatian breed
and all with Crystal Clear 2020 Vision.
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