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Happy New Year everyone!
We are proud to announce that
E Dalmatians is now going into it’s 13th year of production. We are forever thank- ful for the support we have received in starting this publication for this wonderful breed and grateful to all our Advertisers who have kept us going strong for
12 years! We couldn’t do it without YOU!!
E Dalmatians will continue to be a Bi Monthly publication in 2020.
All our Ads will continue to be designed in a 2 page “Widescreen” format
(equivalent to 2 Ad pages in other publi- cations) giving you more room
to showcase your Dalmatian and you get 2 Ad pages for the cost of one Ad!
We publish our Editions within 2 -3 weeks from the deadline so your Ad gets seen in a timely fashion.
All AKC judges of Dalmatians are noti ed of each new release for them to view.
If you subscribe to our Publication, we will personally send you updates, news
and noti cation of when each new Edi- tion is published.
Subscription remains free and you can always see each and every Edition on line 24/7 at no cost.
We hope you enjoy this Edition as we have some wonderful Dalmatians to showcase .
We look forward to bringing you this beautiful publication in 2020 and beyond with continued support.
June Krukenkamp/ Editor
From the Editor
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