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The Gddc
was honored
to have Ms. Linda Lewin
In Dalmatian circles, “Telling it
like it is” has become synonymous with AKC Judge Ms. Linda Lewin and also a strong testament to why Dalmatian exhibitors across the
US respect and value her opinion in measuring a Dalmatian up to its speci c breed standard, because when Ms. Lewin is your judge, you can’t help but leave the ring having learned something.
With 2 minutes or less per dog, and armed with a voice recorder, Linda is well-known and appreciated for o en helping her exhibitors perfect their cra  by passing on her passion
and knowledge of the Dalmatian breed with a short commentary sharing her opinion about each of the winners.
 e Greater Denver Dalmatian Club was honored to have Ms. Linda Lewin at our a ernoon Specialty ring’s helm this year to share in
and experience some of her vast knowledge as a Dalmatian judge but also take away her opinions that she so graciously and willingly has agreed to share with us.
GDDC felt honored this year, to have such a large and successful turnout at our Regional Specialty and we are
grateful for the Dalmatian exhibitors and judges that traveled from near and far to be there and help make it unforgettable.
Below, is Ms. Linda Lewin’s Commentary from this year’s 2019 Greater Denver Dalmatian Club Specialty. We hope to see each of you, our friends, at next year’s 2020 GDDC event!
Carey L. Moreschini
GDDC Secretary
2019 GDDC Regional Specialty Show Chairman
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