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Linda Hazen Lewin, Conformation Judge
First, I want to thank the members of the Greater Denver Dalmatian Club for selecting me to judge your specialty show. It was an honor to be asked to judge this  ne entry and if the quality of the dogs, the terri c venue in Greeley, and your club’s unsurpassed hospitality are any example, I predict even more great things for GDDC and all of its members going forward!
As many of your are aware, I
o en provide a class-by-class commentary of the entry I judge at specialty shows.  is was my full intention at the GDDC specialty as well, however, due to the late start of judging at the morning
shows which resulted in a delayed start of all of the a ernoon events, I was instructed by the AKC rep to restrict the recording of my comments to a er Winners Dog, a er Winners Bitch and a er
Best of Breed. In that light, please accept my apologies for this rather foreshortened critique.
General observations: I was mightily impressed with the
overall quality of the entry at this show and I do not make such a comment lightly. In class a er
class, I saw uniformly typey, sound and beautiful animals to choose from, prettily decorated, and well o  for true breed expression and temperament.  e Best of Breed line-up was spectacular and compelled me to make my choices based on true minutiae. In the end, I would presume that my preference for an elegant yet sturdy Dalmatian
of moderate size and beautiful type, which is clean coming and going, and with a ground-covering and e cient side gait, became evident throughout the show as I judged.
Following are my observations of my  nal choices:
Winners Dog: From the 6-9 month Puppy class – Matchless & Dal’s Alley All Roads Lead to Rome: A typey, wellmade youngster with excellent balance in front and rear angulation which manifested in his elastic and ground-covering side gait. Wonderful bone and feet on this boy, he was in charge of himself going around the ring despite his youth, and was absolutely clean going straight away and back. A good level topline, croup and tailset which he carried in motion as
well as standing. He has a lovely, masculine head piece, and is well o  in cosmetics with an attractive spotting pattern and dark-dark eyes.  is boy was also my Best Puppy winner.
Reserve Winners Dog: From the Open, Black-Spotted class – Quicksilver Fast and Fleuryous: Another pretty, typey male, vividly- marked, with a very nice shoulder and hindquarter. Plenty of reach and drive going around, with a good, level topline and croup and correct tailset and carriage. Nice bone and feet as well, this boy gave way to my Winners Dog only in being a tiny bit longer in the loin. A top-quality dog on all points, I was happy to award him Reserve in a very competitive lineup.
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