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Winners Bitch: From the Bred By Exhibitor class – MV ME Desert Fury Going To Knock You Out: Well, she did! Knock me out, that is. Her perfect balance and outline drew my attention immediately. Plenty of angulation front and rear lent her a reaching-driving side gait which was also clean on the down- and-back. Excellent topline, croup and tail, with a beautiful head type and pretty markings to boot, she was always presented at her best speed. While I would have liked
a bit darker eye color, this bitch’s many virtues of type, structure, movement and markings placed her at the top of a very strong bitch entry.  is girl ended the day as Best of Winners and Best Bred By Exhibitor. I was informed later that this win  nished her championship, with her 4th major!
Reserve Winners Bitch:
From the 12-18 Month class – Hallmark Nspird Eye Candy:
A lovely girl of a pretty type, somewhat heavier-marked than
my Winners Bitch, with an elegant outline. Another vigorous, ground- covering mover, she only gave way to my Winners Bitch in that she was a bit longer-bodied. She had a nice long neck to go with it, though, and I was happy to award her the Reserve placement in what was
an extremely competitive entry of bitches.
Best of Breed:  ere was so much depth of quality in the BOB line-up and I was very pleased with my  nal choices.  at said, there were several other entrants which would have easily received acknowledgment on another day.
GChS All Around Funny Girl of Riverside: A gorgeous liver-spotted bitch of perfect balance and outline, always shown at her best speed,
this girl looks every inch the coach dog. Smooth, e ortless movement with no hitch, roll or compensation for faulty structure anywhere, she  lled my eye. Moderate in size
with correct ribspring and depth of brisket for the desired heart and lung room, she shows strong coupling through the loin, a level topline and croup, and correct tailset and carriage. Feminine
in character without frailty or weakness of any sort, this bitch
has the best shoulder placement and angulation as well as a correct, driving hindquarter which she puts to good use. Well o  in head type, color and marking pattern, this bitch would serve equally well in all the functions of a proper coach
dog with all of the stamina, functionality and style the job demands.
Best of Winners (the Winners Bitch): Not to be denied this day, the Winners
Bitch is much the same type
and style as my Best of Breed
girl, in a black-and-white
package. Showing me once
again her wonderful side gait, steady topline, proper head
and tail carriage, and presented always at her best speed, she is
also the kind of no-nonsense, workmanlike bitch who illustrates what it is to be a correct and useful coach dog. Feminine, sound, steady in gait and temperament, lovely color and markings, correct outline and balance, type-y head piece, excellent bone and feet, this exhibit was Best of Winners today.
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