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Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed: GCh. Bret D
‘n Adventureland Star Coach: A stunning black-and-white dog with a remarkable combination of type, balance, movement and cosmetics. Masculine without coarseness,
this boy has a beautiul headpiece and wonderful expression, with a good dark eye. He is moderate in size and covers the ground with
a wide-open, sweeping side gait. Exellent running gear with correct bone and feet, this dog topped the males today in a highly competitive line-up.
Select Dog: GCh. Satin’n Cimarron Up’n At’m: While a di erent style of Dalmatian from my Best of Opposite Sex winner, this black-and-white dog carries handsome type, correct structure, vivid markings and ground- covering movement. He is well
up on leg and shows great style in motion. A bit more sloped in his topline than I generally prefer, he levels out nicely in motion and uses his strong hindquarter and well-laid
shoulder e ciently. Every inch a useful and attractive coach dog, he was well worthy of this award in tough competition.
Select Bitch: GChS MV
ME Pride of the Desert: What
a darling! Super-cute liver bitch with lovely markings and tons
of personality. As with all of my winners, she showed me excellent movement from the side as well as coming and going. Smooth in outline and stylish in carriage, her jaunty demeanor made her a stand-out today. I was informed
later that this bitch is the dam of my Winners Bitch.
Award of Merit: GChS Trailspotter ‘n Summit’s Big Slick, CA BCAT: with all of the traits that have made me happy all day, this black-and-white boy attracted my notice right away with his correct balance, shoulder and hindquarter, attractive markings and wonderful head and expression, all in a moderate-sized package. I have long admired this dog and was happy to present him with an Award of Merit in today’s sti  competition.
Award of Merit:
Ch. Melody Guns A re:  e Veteran Dog, a stately liver-spotted fellow who showed clearly how this breed should age! While a bit proud of his tail, he was sound-moving,
in command of himself, and with plenty of eye-appeal. I was pleased to award him this recognition today. Once again, my deep appreciation to the members and friends, o cers and Board of GDDC, and to all who entered their dogs under me. It was
my pleasure and honor to judge them.
Linda Hazen Lewin
Falls Church, VA
*Linda Lewin has been in dogs since the early 1970’s, beginning with Dalmatians, and has produced American, Canadian and Japanese champions in that breed. In the mid-1990’s, she added Standard Manchester Terriers to her crew, and has produced many champions and Group placers/winners in that breed as well.
She is an AKC-approved judge of Dalmatians, Poodles and Junior Showmanship and has judged at many of the regional Dalmatian specialties around the country as well as the Dalmatian Club of America’s National Specialty Shows. She has judged all varieties of Poodles at many shows around the country. As a former member of the Mid-Atlantic Stewards Association, Linda has long experience stewarding in both the conformation and obedience rings.
Linda has designed and conducted Judges Breed Study Groups and educational seminars for judges and breeders, including presenting the Dalmatian Study Group at the Advanced Judges Institute in Indiana, PA many times. She is a parent club-approved mentor for both Dalmatians and Manchester Terriers.
When not showing, stewarding, judging, or writing about all of that, Linda works as a project and acquisition scheduler in support of the U.S. Army.
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