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Specs for submitting a Finished Ad
g 15” Wide g
RBISS MBISs GCHG Dynamic and Upton’s
Number 5 Dalmatian - All Breed*
RBIS Winner MBISS Winner Multiple Group Winner * Stats thru June 2019
GCHG Folklore Celtic Crossfire Trail X GCH Horizon and Liberty’s Aero Dynamic
Presented by Rick & Jen Krieger
Huck Finn
CHIC # 134904
Owners Karen McNamara & Sandy Lajoie
Breeders Samuel Kovitz & Kirsten Laurin-Kovitz
E Dalmatians | E Dalmatians |
9” High
Submit  nal ad in PDF format , 300 dpi or greater.
1 page (landscape) spread of 15”W by 9” High
Note that any info in the middle/ seam will be lost in the fold of the Printed verison.
Important information you need to know about our ad policy:
1) All our ads are designed for free. Additional design fees may apply as listed on left.
2) Once we have completed your ad, we will send you a proof for review.
3) We will need to know within 48 hours of receipt of your ad proof ad if we need to make any changes /corrections.
4) Free design fee includes up to one revision/ change to your ad if needed and any further changes after that will require additional design fees (except for correcting any errors on our part). 5) Your ad will be considered approved if we do not hear from you within 48 hours.
6) Once your ad is approved, no changes can be made without additional design fees.
7) No further ad material or text changes can be accepted after the deadline or after  nal approval.
Email Address:
Payment Info:
Pay on line with a CC or Pay Pal at :
E Dalmatians |
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