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With us
E mail us to request an ad. We will re- spond quickly & work with you on all you need for your ad.
All ads can be done electronically by sending us photos & information via email. If you need to send hard copies of photos, we can accept them at our mail- ing address.
1) What type of ad you want (Full page/ Club Specialty ad, Classi ed, etc.)
2) Are you submitting a  nished ad or do you need us to design your ad. Design fees may apply.
3) Payment for your ad. (We must receive payment before we begin your ad).
4) Photo of your dog (high resolution of 300dpi or greater) . 2 - 4 Photos max- imum. Additional photos may require additional cost.
4) Information about your dog (registered name / Sire & Dam/ Breeders/ Owners). 5) Text/ copy for the ad.
6) Any additional info (logos, graphics, background requests, etc)
7) Additional design fees are required
for more than 1 revision or for custom designs (photo editing/ removal of backgrounds, special graphics, and any additional photos, etc.)
All our ads are in color & created in a “wide-screen view” equivalent to a 2 page spread. This allows more room for your ad material and you get 2 pages for the price of ONE AD! This includes all Specialty Club Ads as well. We can design your Ad or you can send us a  nished Ad.
Final ads must be submitted in PDF for- mat & must also be >300dpi.
Page dimensions for our wide screen ads: 15.0”W X 9 0” H.
Please submit 1 spread with these dimen- sions. We are no longer using 2 individual pages (L & R) .
Please make sure no important Ad infor- mation is in the center of the spread as it will be “cut off” in the seam of the Printed version.
All photos to be used in ad layouts must be submitted with >150 dpi resolution in JPEG, PNG, TIFF formats. A high resolu- tion photo is necessary for proper viewing of your ad on the Internet.
Please send all ads electronically via email attachment or CD/ in regular mail.
All photos & text can be send directly via regular mail if you need your ad done by our designers.
Text articles can be submitted as email attachments or in a PDF  le. We do not charge or pay for article submissions but reserve the right to accept or decline.
We are offering a special classi ed sec- tion.
If you would like to have a small ad or listing run for the entire year, this is for you! All half page Ads are featured in our Classi ed Section.
Premium Kennel listing / Merchant (color/ logo) 3.5” by 2.0”
Double business card ads/ Merchant list- ings (color / photos) 3.5” by 4.0”
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